-Prayerfully impressed
-Fr. Carl Birarelli

Thank you very much for the awesome work that you do.
-- Hazel Aiello

The movies were awesome!
-- Aimie Rioux

A very powerful and moving testimony of the struggle of Biscet.
-- Sergio Gonzalez

May God bless you for you service to Him! I will keep your work in my prayers!
-Barbara Rew

Perfect, It broke my heart to see the suffering of Dr. Biscet's wife.
-- Marcos Maturell

Excellent. I hope that it reaches many people all over the world.
-- Gonzalo Fernández

This is an amazing piece of work. Thank you for telling this story
-- Uncommonsense.com

-- Latino Magazine

A very powerful documentary
-- Baballu Blog

I'm very moved by this…we need to let the world know!
-- Beatriz Cerko

A masterful film.
-- Diversity lane

Highly impressed!
-- Miami Mayor Tomas Regelado

You have put together a phenominal video!
-- Mary Gail Reading

We come away from Mr Allott’s film with a palpable sense… of the courage and determination of Biscet
-- Bighollywood.com

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